Tacton’s integration to Salesforce is up on Salesforce AppExchange. This is something that we have worked on for quite a while and it is great to finally be listed.

Salesforce Tacton Configurator CPQ allows you to Configure, Price and Quote your configurable products using the Salesforce standard business flows for Opportunity and Quote handling extending them with Configuration and Document Generation functionality.

  • Support your sales channels with better configuration support, pricing, and quoting for your configurable products using Tacton Configurator CPQ
  • Use your standard Salesforce processes for quoting, forecasting, workflows, and approvals.
  • Handle your simplest and most complex products in Tacton Configurator still keeping the lowest TCO and TTM possible.
  • Screenshot from the Salesforce-integration

    Screenshot from the Salesforce-integration

    Tacton’s offer can be found here.

    For a live demo, please contact our sales department at sales@tacton.com or +46 8 6900 750.

    1. Tom Wood says:

      Hi Patrick, I appreciate spending some time to talk about that, I believe firmly regarding this and so really enjoy understanding more about this kind of subject. Keep up the good work.

      Cheers, Tom

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