Release of TactonWorks 4.3.2

TactonWorks 4.3.2 has now been released and uploaded to the Tacton download area.

The three major areas of improvement are stability, increased performance, and bug fixes.

  • Stability – All products have been significantly improved when it comes to stability. The .NET 4.0 upgrade in TactonWorks Studio will be especially beneficial for users working in x32 environments and the TCserver 4.3.2 upgrade will add additional stability to configurator models utilizing intricate functions.
  • Performance – The new TCserver 4.3.2 and several improvements in the update algorithm will decrease startup, update and solving time for most configurator models.

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TCstudio and TCserver 4.3.2 is now officially released

TCstudio 4.3.2 and TCserver 4.3.2 have now been released and uploaded to our download area. As this is a minor version release it does not contain any big new features.

Please note that upgrading your TCstudio without upgrading TCserver may in some cases cause issues. Please verify with your Tacton contact before upgrading if you are unsure.
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